Membership Information

Membership Categories

A Regular-Member meets one or more of the following criteria:

  1. holds a credential in school psychology from the State Board of Education and/or the Tennessee Board of Examiners in Psychology,
  2. is providing psychological services to the schools as defined by the State Board of Education,
  3. is directly involved in the academic preparation of school psychologists in an accredited training program for the preparation of school psychologists,
  4. has administrative responsibilities directly and specifically related to the utilization of psychological services in the schools.

Verification of professional status for regular membership may be requested in one or more of the following forms: 1. A photocopy of the state certificate or license; 2. A letter from the superintendent, Director, or Supervisor; 3. A letter from the dean or department head A Regular Member may be elected or appointed to serve in any position of the TASP governance structure.

A Sustaining Membership is granted to those regular members who contribute fixed amounts in excess of regular dues in order to provide special support for the Association. The amount of excess contribution shall be $5.00 or more.

A Student Member is one who is actively engaged one-half time or more (minimum 6 sem. hrs. or its equivalent per semester) in a program leading to an initial credential as a school psychologist or to an advanced degree in school psychology. The student member status includes persons in a school psychology internship; but it DOES NOT include students who are pursuing studies while employed full time in school psychological work. The status may be granted for no more than 5 years, and requires annual verification of the student's status by the student's academic advisor. Student members are eligible to serve as the student representative, on a committee, but not as an officer of TASP. A student advisor signature is required.

A Retired Member is one who has reached the age of 62 years, has retired from remunerative school psychological work on a full-time basis, and has held regular membership for the preceding five consecutive years. Retired members are eligible to serve in any governance structure position.

Honorary Life Membership is granted only with the approval of the executive board upon recommendation and documentation of the person's outstanding contributions to the field of school psychology. The recipient need not be a member of TASP nor engaged in the practice of school psychology. This category of membership shall be dues free. Honorary Life members are eligible to serve in any governance structure position only if they qualify for regular membership.

An Affiliate Member is a person who does not meet one or more of the criteria for a regular member, but who is involved in professional activities related to the mental health and education of children and youth, and whose application for membership has been reviewed and approved by the executive board. The applicant must submit an application including a summary description of relevant professional activities and a recommendation for membership from a regular member in good standing of TASP. Affiliate members are not eligible to serve as officers, regional representatives, or committee chairs in the governance structure. They may be appointed to serve in other capacities.

Benefits of Membership

Members of TASP enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Reduced fees at professional development conferences
  2. Receive four newsletters each year
  3. Receive legislative updates on issues related to the practice of school psychology
  4. Representation of professional issues to state law and policy makers

Membership Dues

Membership dues can be found below

Regular Member $51.50
Student Member $15.50
Retired Member $25.75
Affiliate Member $25.75
*Rates as of 04/2015

membership dues are for July 1 - June 30 Annually