Nashville Area Job Opportunity

Position: Director of Assessment

Position is with an organization based in Nashville that provides tutoring, educational assessment, and advocacy services for students of all ages.

The Director of Assessment will be responsible for Educational Evaluations. The position will conduct psychoeducational evaluations to students. The evaluations will include a cognitive evaluation, academic achievement evaluation, and a battery of diagnostic reading evaluations. The Director of Assessment will also be responsible for writing the psychoeducational evaluation reports, conducting some parent feedback meetings, and providing advocacy for students in school meetings. This is a part time position and hours will vary based on demand for student assessments and feedback sessions. Based on current volumes we anticipate that this position will be 15-20 hours per week initially.
The Director of Assessment should have 5 years of relevant school psychologist and education experience. The Director of Assessment should have experience with cognitive and achievement evaluations (WISC, WJ NU, WJ-Ach, WIAT), and state criteria for SLD, and have demonstrated ability in soft skills, including: active listening, empathy, and written communication. This position reports to the Executive Director.

Key Responsibilities:

• Identify and assess the cognitive ability, academic achievement, learning styles, and academic strengths and weaknesses of students.
• Use assessment data about the student to write and compile student evaluations, including student background, results of cognitive and achievement assessment, separate literacy assessment, an assessment summary, and recommendations.
• Participate in joint feedback sessions with the Executive Director and student’s parents.
• Work with school-aged children and young adults.
• Listen to concerns about cognitive and academic problems.
• Advocate for student’s needs and accommodations.
• Meet with parents and teachers to discuss the student’s learning profile.
• Research learning programs and evaluations.
• Administer evaluations and write reports.

Key Characteristics:
• Communicates effectively with students, parents, and staff.
• Effectively communicates knowledge and ideas in writing.
• Has a patient, caring nature.
• Possesses and demonstrates intellectual curiosity.
• Ability and willingness to listen to students' concerns.
• Enjoys studying human behavior and working with people in a hands-on environment.

Education & Experience
• Bachelor's in education, psychology or sociology preferred.
• Master's degree in school psychology, psychology or counseling (Curriculum should include coursework in education as well as psychology).
• A specialist degree (Ed.S or Ph.D) in school psychology or clinical psychology.
• State of Tennessee certification in school psychology or clinical psychology; National Association of School Psychologists national certification a plus.
• 5 years of school psychologist and student assessment experience.
• Education or teaching experience a plus.
• Proficiency with MS Office tools, especially Word, Excel, PowerPoint, with demonstrated ability to efficiently produce crisp, professional documents.

Physical Demands/Working Conditions
• Extensive sitting and use of laptop computer

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