SPED Disability Eligibility Standards Update

Below is a reprint from the TN DOE School Psychologists Update (5/25/2017):

The State Board of Education has approved the revised disability standards (i.e., the required evaluation procedures and evaluation participants). The changes will be effective on July 1, 2017. Guidance documents on evaluation procedures and trainings are forthcoming. For those unable to attend trainings in person, there will be a recorded webinar posted reviewing proposed changes.

For initial evaluations, if consent is obtained on or after July 1, the school district must follow the new evaluation standards. For students who are being re-evaluated, the team should not automatically assume a comprehensive re-evaluation is needed due to a change in disability standards. The student’s previous eligibility should be honored; however, the team should review the following to determine whether the child continues to need special education and related services:

● existing evaluation data
● current classroom-based, local, or state assessments
● classroom-based observations
● parent information (including any evaluations provided by the parent)
● observations by teachers and related service providers as applicable by completing
the re-evaluation summary report.

After this review, the team should determine if additional evaluations are needed. There may not be a need for a comprehensive evaluation simply due to the change in standards if there is enough evidence of continued demonstration of a disability and need for services.

Training dates and location (each training will be from 9:00 am- 2:00 pm):
07/11/17 in Jackson, TN
07/12/17 in Nashville, TN
07/13/17 in Baxter, TN
07/14/17 in Lenoir City, TN
07/25/17 in Lenoir City, TN
07/26/17 in Whitwell, TN
07/27/17 in Nashville, TN
07/28/17 in Memphis, TN