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School Closures and Special Education: Guidance on Initial Evaluations per State Board of Education Emergency Rule (April 16, 2020)

Answers to FAQs Regarding State Board of Education Emergency Rule

CoP with Joanna Bivins from Tennessee Department of Ed

State Board of Education Emergency Ruling Document

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Resources for Tennessee School Psychologists

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions of Tennessee School Psychologists

Tennessee COVID Survey Results

Updates from Tennessee Department of Education

TASP Evaluation Checklist

TASP Evaluation Checklist for Districts

TASP Evaluation Tracker

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National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) Resources:

Talking to Children About COVID-19 (Coronavirus (English)

Talking to Children About COVID-19 (Coronavirus) (Spanish)

Responding to COVID-19: Brief Action Steps

Preparing for Pandemic Illness: Guidelines for Schools

Center for Disease Control (CDC) 



March 2020 TASP Newsletter Released: check email or visit members only section.


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TDOE Guidelines for Special Education and Evaluation Timelines

The TDOE has released the following guidance regarding timelines and special education (see link below). 

As of now, school districts do not have to request an extension if the evaluation falls within the parameters outlined in the guidance document. TDOE is in communication with EdPlan/Easy IEP working on timeline/stop sign adjustments. Please continue to check TASP’s website as we will post additional guidance as we learn more from TDOE and the USDOE. Please review the information carefully. As always, this information is to be used in conjunction with the requirements of your school district.

SPECIAL EDUCATION GUIDANCE, including TIMELINEShttps://www.tn.gov/content/dam/tn/education/health-&-safety/ServicestoStudentswithDisabilitiesCOVID-19Guidance.pdf

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE via TDOE: https://www.tn.gov/education/health-and-safety/update-on-coronavirus.htmlCoC


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The purpose of TASP is to promote equitable and quality educational opportunities for all persons.  Additionally, TASP strives to stimulate interest in and a better understanding of the role of psychology in the schools among professionals and other interested groups. We share ideas, techniques, and research which will help promote the professional competency and scientific growth of school psychologists. We also assist in the promotion of professional and ethical standards for the practice of school psychology in Tennessee. 

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