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NCSP Renewal Changes

The following is reprinted from an email received from Barbara Bole Williams, PhD, NCSP who is the Chair of the National School Psychology Certification Board:

Beginning January 1, 2016, all newly accepted recipients of the NCSP credential must demonstrate one academic year of professional support/mentorship prior to their first NCSP renewal only (three years after being awarded the credential).

For professional practice within a school setting, supervision or mentoring shall be provided by a credentialed school psychologist with at least three years of experience. For experience in a nonschool setting, supervision or mentoring shall be provided by a psychologist appropriately credentialed for practice in that setting, if applicable. Supervision and/or mentoring conducted either individually or within a group setting, for at least an average of 1 hour per week, is recommended, though not required.

Please note that this does not apply to individuals who were awarded the NCSP credential on or before December 31, 2015. Additionally, this requirement is only applicable to the first renewal of the credential.

Visit the NASP website for more information, including a form used to verify professional support has been provided.
Should you receive questions, please contact the NASP certification team at 301-657-0270 or cert@naspweb.org.

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