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The origins of the TASP are like those of many state associations.  As early as 1960, a Committee on the Tennessee School Psychologist met to discuss the general problems of school psychological services.  The first state organization, Tennessee Association for Psychology in the Schools (TAPS), was not established until 1970, holding its first convention in Nashville in spring of 1971.  Leon Lebovitz served as its first president in 1971-1972.  As in many states, TAPS emerged from the efforts of persons affiliated with the state psychological association, TPA.  The varied backgrounds and service interests of the founding members influenced the decision to call the association the Tennessee Association for Psychology in the Schools.  In 1982 the membership chose to change the name to Tennessee Association of School Psychologists (TASP), a reflection of the purification of training, credentialing, and practitioner identity in Tennessee and the associations' formal affiliation with the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) since 1974 (first listed as such in NASP’s 1976 membership directory).  - Tom Fagan, PhD



 (updated January, 2019)

 Presidential Year          Name                                                  (Region)

Tennessee Association For Psychology in The Schools (TAPS)

1971-72                                   Leon Lebovitz                                   (West)

1972-73                                   Norman A. Buktenica                       (Middle)

1973-74                                   Albert Wiberley                                  (East)

1974-75                                   Evelyn Orr                                          (Southeast)

1975-76                                   Glenn Geralds                                     (Southeast)

1976-77                                   Jerome Morton                                   (East)

1977-78                                   Barbara Thomas                                 (Middle)

1978-79                                   Elizabeth Stokes                       (Mid-Cumberland)

1979-80                                   Mary Berk                                           (West)

Tennessee Association Of School Psychologists (TASP)

1980-81                                   Marilyn Gattis Wiberley                     (Middle)

1981-82                                   J. Michael Carrig                                (East)

1982-83                                   Jean Scott                                            (East)

1983-84                                   Thomas Fagan                                    (West)

1984-85                                   Louise Wexler                                    (Upper East)

1985-86                                   William McGee                                  (Southeast)

1986-87                                   Richard Yoakley                                 (East)

1987-88                                   Carol Moore                                       (East)

(Resigned early in term due to out-of-state move, and president-elect Parker assumed office)

1988-89                                   Donna Parker                                      (Middle)

1989-90                                   Jenny C. Partin                                    (Southeast)

1990-91                                   Peggy Thigpen                                      (Middle)

1991-92                                   Thomas Fagan                                    (West)

1992-93                                   J. Michael Carrig                                 (East)

1993-94                                   Hal Jernigan                                         (East)

1994-95                                   Lee Steward                                         (West)

1995-96                                   Rebecca Sweeney                               (West)

1996-97                                   Jane Brissie                                         (Middle)

1997-98                                   Pam Read                                            (Mid-West)

1998-99                                   Lee Steward                                        (West)

1999-2000                               J. Michael Carrig                                (East)

2000-2001                               Rhonda Ross                             (Mid-Cumberland)

2001-2002                               Teresa A. Hutchens                            (East)

2002-2003                               Ron Roberts                                        (Middle)

2003-2004                               Mark Sigler                       (Middle)           

2004-2005                               Jann Cupp                              (Upper Cumberland)

2005-2006                               Pam Parkinson                            (East)

2006-2007                               Patti Wilson                    (Mid-Cumberland)

2007-2008                            V. Scott Hooper                  (East)

 2008-2009                               Ron Roberts                            (Southeast)

2009-2010                               Ron Roberts                            (Southeast)

2010-2011                               Kimberly Sumara                   (West)

2011-2012                               Leilani DeFord                       (Upper East)

2012-2013                   Amy Duesterhaus                   (West)

2013-2014                   Pam Parkinson Haggard         (East)

2014-2015                               Avalyn Bauer                          (Middle)

2015-2016                               Avalyn Bauer                          (Middle)

2016-2017                               Aimee Holt                             (Middle)

2017-2018                               Sarah McMillian                     (East)

2019-2020                               Heather Stewart                      (East)

2020-2021                               Taylor Biondi                         (Middle)

List of past TASP presidents

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